200 & 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

World Class Yoga Teacher Training

Interested in training? Avalon co-teaches Shanti Yoga Studio’s renowned 200 Hour Teacher Training with Joy Morrell.

Hundreds of successful graduates all over the world teach our alignment based, effective style of Yoga. Our proven teaching techniques provide the tools necessary to help students gain confidence as they build anatomical knowledge and a wonderful index of effective poses. Beginning with very simple sequences–students gain a thorough understanding of dynamic movement & functional anatomy throughout Training.

Studio Director Joy Morrell has studied yoga for 40 years.  Joy’s depth of compassion and intuitive teaching style enriches the training experience. Joy teaches Therapeutics, Alignment and Yoga Anatomy in such a way that even students with little anatomy background are absorbed into the world of biomechanics with ease. Students coming to Training with anatomy backgrounds are no less delighted by the refreshing delivery and yoga specific postural anatomy section of the Training.

Joy Morrell and Avalon Funk form a powerful teaching team, each sharing their specific skill sets, guiding Training students into the richness of the practice.  Learning from a group of  instructors with this level of skill and refinement is highly effective, and creates the most well rounded teachers possible.

Throughout the month students are drawn more fully into the brilliance of the Asana, the profound rebalancing of the Pranayama & calm centering found in the practice of Meditation. With great care and devotion, our training instructors instill alignment techniques, finesse and confidence in students as they begin to open the door to teaching. The bright personalities and friendly open nature of our entire staff creates ease for students and makes the experience fun.

Our unique training schedule provides time for study, participation in studio classes, and ample opportunities to practice and develop sequencing, voice, and theming.

Alignment Based Yoga Works.

Learn to teach Yoga with a thorough understanding of how the joints articulate, how ligaments & facia support the body, and how Yoga can benefit every aspect of our lives.

Our Training programs surpass all guidelines set by Yoga Alliance. In addition to our popular 200 Hour Trainings, we offer highly effective Graduate Training Modules. Our 500 Hour Expanded Training program includes all the fundamentals with enriched hours in Therapeutics, Sequencing, Adjustments, Advanced Asana – delivering a deeper experience of Yoga as a Healing Art.


Our Graduates Speak

“The highest standard of Yoga Training I have ever come across in 20 years of searching. All instructors extremely knowledgeable in functional anatomy, nutrition, and alignment based yoga in every style. Each student in sincerely cared for and supported in advancing their personal practice. Safety, function, and form in every asana, increasing the benefit of yoga ten fold. Shanti sets the bar high for quality yoga across board, across the country, and abroad. Life changing experience to train with Joy.” Jessica, BC

“Thank you again for this fantastic Training, and thank you for all the knowledge…..my students are so happy with my teaching!” Melanie, Montreal

“I miss the daily inspiration I received from this amazing Training. I look forward to coming back to Kauai and immersing in more Yoga with you all.” Sarah, Physical Therapist, Washington State

“There are no words to adequately express our gratitude for you and all you have imparted. Your dedication, generosity, flexibility and the synergy you allowed to flow between us has been more meaningful than you can possibly know.” Natasha, London, England

Already have a 200 Hour Training? Join Avalon for a ‘Teachers Intensive’

Yoga Teachers come back year after year for inspiration and advanced learning. Avalon offers her wildly popular 30 & 50 hour Teacher Training graduate modules in Nelson, BC and Kauai, Hawaii.


Advanced Vinyasa yoga Teacher Training

Join Avalon for an exciting skill building week of advanced practice. Applying her powerful alignment guidelines to level 2 postures and transitions, this week provides tools to practice and teach highly effective advanced classes. Creating safe sequences for each posture category, as well as balanced full spectrum classes is the primary focus. Each practice integrates level 2 postures and transitions.

Next Training May 22th - May 25th 2020, Nelson BC.


Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Spend 4 days immersed in the blissful world of Yin Yoga. Avalon co-teaches this Training with Joy Morrell. Combining Joy’s depth of compassion and intuitive teaching style with Avalon’s specialized mobility training, this course provides teachers with the tools to teach safe and effective Yin Yoga sequences. Students coming to Training with anatomy backgrounds are no less delighted by the refreshing delivery and yoga specific postural anatomy section of the Training.

Next Training August 21st - August 24th 2019, Nelson BC.


Rebalancing:teaching for injuries & conditions

The art of teaching Therapeutic Yoga. 3 days of deeply inspired learning. This is a great option for non-teachers looking for a physical ‘reset’ strengthening the deep core and correcting imbalances in the body. For Yoga teachers this week will provide you with the skills to teach students working with injuries or conditions.

Next Training August 18 - August 20th 2019, Nelson BC